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#staysafe Didn't think a month after opening our Cafe that we would have to close!

We are faced with the worst crisis that I have ever had to deal with, Coronavirus-Covid19.

The world as we know it has ground to an almost halt, all cafes, bars, restaurants, shops apart from supermarkets have closed.

But now we appreciate even more our families, friends and kind words from colleagues. We recognise the beauty of the human spirit and try to ignore the deprived souls who still exist in their dark lives.

Time has become our friend again, more time on our hands than we sometimes know what to do with.

So to utilise all this wonderful time I'm trying recipes I've kind of said I never had time for in the past.

Here is my Black Pudding Scotch Egg served with Cheese & Onion Rosti, it was yum and shall be certainly serving this to our clients once we open again!

Stay home, stay safe :))

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